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winchester gospel

the gospel of us

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Winchester Gospel

the gospel of us
Welcome to winchestrgospel, a Supernatural discussion & media community. There are no restrictions on what you may post, just be sure to read the rules, not cause any wank, & have fun!

Watch Supernatural every Thursday on The CW.

Your mod is letoist. I have the right to delete any entries that break any of the rules & I won't hesitate to. If you have any questions, comments, &/or concerns, you can comment at my journal or PM me.
General Rules
1. The number 1 rule that you must ALWAYS follow is use an LJ cut for spoilers, long entries, icon posts, & posts with graphics larger than 400x400 px. Any posts that break this rule will be deleted without warning. Repeated offenses will get you banned, got it?
2. When posting, please do not change the font & text of your entries. I'd like to keep this community nice & tidy & easy on the eyes.
3. Fanart may be posted. Fanart includes: drawings, icons, banners, fanvids, fanmixes, etc. Up to four (4) preview icons can be posted outside of an lj-cut. Any links linking to member/friends-locked entries will be deleted.
4. News about actors (stars or guests stars) working outside of is permitted. However, news of their personal lives is not.
5. Pimping your own communities is permitted, but please keep it Supernatural-related. If you're promoting more than one community, please post it all under one entry instead of several entries.
6. Keep the wank to a minimum. No character/actor bashing. Save rants for your own journal.
7. We're all big kids here. Use of profanities is permitted, but please be mature. If any tasteless, classless, and/or misogynistic terms are reported or found, you will be banned. End of story.
8. Request posts (screencaps, images, songs, quotes, uploads/downloads, 'where can I find this picture?', 'who made this...?') are permitted. If anything is spoilery in nature, please place it behind a cut.
9. Use the tags to keep entries organized. Don't sweat it if you don't know how to tag something, just say so in your entry & I'll take care of it.
10. Please don't play mod. That's my job. If you see that a n00b someone's made a mistake, you may comment to let them know of their mistake & request that they fix it. Don't be a troll.
Important Policies
SPOILERS. As mentioned before, spoilers (including the titles of yet-to-be-aired episodes) should be placed behind a lj-cut. Spoilers are considered to be anything that has not yet been aired in the USA & continues to be a spoiler until 72 hours after the episode has aired. If posting spoilers, please specify if it is a CASTING or PLOT spoiler.

ICONS/GRAPHICS. This is a brand new community so there are no restrictions one graphic posting. However, this is a privilege & not a right. I do not want the community to be overrun by graphics. Please limit one fanart entry per day.

FANFICTION. Gen, slash, het, & RPS are all permitted here. All I ask is when posting, please use the following template:

All of these areas must be filled in. Feel free to add to the template, however. If linking back to your journal, make sure the entry is public. Posts linking to f-locked entries will be deleted.
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* rules loosely based of supernatural_tv.
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